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The MGK Cafe

MGK shop front, Queens St Williamstown

The MGK Cafe is the perfect place to taste the flavours of the Barossa Valley through our carefully curated meals featuring MGKs own products, as well as many other local Barossa producers - including Barossa Cheese Co., Mehl Sourdough, The Mount Pleasant Butcher, Tanunda Bakery and more. 

Located at 9 Queen St Williamstown - if you're visiting from Adelaide this is a great first stop in a scenic drive on your journey up through the Barossa Valley.

We're open through winter,

Saturday, Sunday & Tuesday : 8am-3pm 

Wednesday-Friday : 8am-4pm 

Have a scroll through our menu below.

Kids Menu out now! 

Call or Text: 0412 299 425

to book or place an order.

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