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It's a Mustard Life

MGK has recently added 4 new Mustard Products to our range. As such we thought it a good idea to give a few tips on how to best keep Mustard to ensure a long lasting flavor and to get the longest possible life out of your Mustard Product.

The simple fact is Mustard cures over time, not unlike a good red wine. Upon initial manufacture Mustard is quite bitter and as such we try our best not to put new batches on the shelf until a decent curing time has occurred. However, at times of high demand some products may hit the shelves earlier than we would normally like.

After purchase, if your mustard is still a little bitter then we suggest to leave the mustard in the cupboard, in a cool dark place, for a week or two or even three. Just depends on how you like your mustard to taste. Some of the hotter mustard's like our Wholegrain Mustard, due to the use of whole mustard seeds, it will actually get hotter over time. Once the mustard has reached a mature taste that suits your taste buds place the mustard in the refrigerator and the curing process will halt. This will maintain your flavor just the way you like it and the product will keep for up to a year or even longer.

Hope you enjoy your mustard.

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