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Smokey Chicken Drumsticks

So here's a quick recipe tip for when you want to add a different dimension to your chicken drumsticks or wings.

Take your drumsticks or wings and place them in a bowl or large container. The container needs to be big enough to toss and stir everything together so BIG is great.

  1. Tip in a good serving of MGK's Worcestershire Sauce, enough to put a good covering over everything. We use up to half a bottle.

  2. Then pour in a good quantity of MGK's Smoked Tomato Sauce, or even MGK's Smoked BBQ Chilli for those that want that extra heat. Again, for 1kg we use a good half a bottle.

  3. Add a good handful of MGK's Smoked Meat Rub or Spiced BBQ Rub to create a nice slurry over the entire amount of chicken. Once again, depending on how much chicken you have but there is no real limit.

Beautiful Chicken Drumsticks marinated in MGK's Smoked Tomato Sauce, MGK Worcestershire Sauce and Smoked Meat Rub.
Chicken Drumsticks covered in Worcestershire, Smoked Tomato and Smoked Meat Rub.

Place your drumsticks in the oven at 180c until the meat is falling off the bone. They are even better smoked Low & Slow, 100c or even lower, over a few hours using SA Mallee as the smoking wood, or simply cooked on the BBQ. Again, smoke until falling apart and tender.

The flavor combinations are awesome and add a new dimension to your chicken.



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