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MGK Returns Policy

MGK products are produced using only hand selected quality produce and product. We want our valued customers to enjoy our products and experience the traditional flavors that MGK prides itself on.


Our Manufacturing processes are strictly in accordance with Food Standards Australia and Food Safety requirements and guidelines with all produce and products undergoing strict quality inspections prior to, during, and after manufacture. Our products are however, perishable and susceptible to numerous external factors and the storage conditions under which the product is kept after opening. MGK strongly urges our valued customers to read and understand the storage requirements and recommendations included on the nutrition information panel on each product and to refer to our website for additional information on keeping our products fresh.


Our products have a shelf life of up to, an well beyond, two years when stored and treated correctly. Don't leave your product in the sun at the BBQ! 


MGK is bound by your rights under Consumer Law and we endeavour to ensure we adhear to the requirements of this law.


MGK most certainly stand behind every product and if you have an issue with your order, please contact MGK prior to returning your items. Please save the product, original box, any paperwork and packing materials it arrived in.


MGK will reserve the right to review the product and the situation as many factors can affect the product. Upon review and assesment MGK will make a decision as to the course to be taken.


If MGK find that there has in fact been a major defect during manufacture and production for which MGK is responsible, we will obviously support our product and agree a course of action which may include refund, replacement or exchange of the purchased product to the same value.



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